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Childhood obesity linked to prenatal exposure to air pollution

A study done in New York City finds that prenatal exposure to higher levels of a group of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons resulted in two times the likelihood of obesity by the age of 7.  PAH is a common pollutant found in urban areas, especially areas where coal, diesel, oil, gas or other organic …

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Keep moving or die!

Well, maybe a bit sensationalistic but researchers at the University of Missouri conducted a study examining a group who cut the number of steps they took in half.  What’s interesting is that the test subjects were all moderately healthy in terms of their physical fitness, they averaged 10,000 – 13,000 steps per day.  During the …

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Dessert at breakfast? New study shows it helps keep long term weight off

My own personal experience over the past 23 years with clients and patients is that having a high carbohydrate meal at breakfast, even using high glycemic index foods, consistently provides better benefits to a weight loss program.  There are many factors at play, not the least of which are an increased insulin sensitivity in the …

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