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Dr. Rick is a licensed Chiropractor on the east coast.  He started his study of the body as an American College of Sports Medicine trainer over 20 years ago.  He began as a general trainer but soon after acquired his Health Fitness Specialist degree from ACSM which allowed him to broaden his training clientele to include high risk clients with issues such as heart disease.

After training hundreds of clients he wanted to take a more proactive approach to their health and musculoskeletal problems.  After graduating from Chiropractic college in 1999 he opened an office dedicated to helping patients with spine and core problems.  Chiropractic provides great relief from spinal pain where it is indicated, but Dr. Rick found much greater results using both Chiropractic treatment and his training expertise in designing unique and personalized life training programs for  his patients.  Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime is how Dr. Rick treats his patients, giving them the tools to be self sufficient in terms of their low back pain, spine pain, fitness and overall health.


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