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High fructose diet linked to decreased memory and learning

A study in the Journal of Physiology found that a diet of high fructose affected learning and memory.  Fructose is a cheap sweetening additive added to a huge amount of consumer food.  The average American eats 40 pounds of it per year.  The study did find that Omega 3 supplements helped mitigate the effect from fructose.

Source: Medical Xpress  Photo:CC BY 3.0

The only issue I had with the study was the lack of a control.  The study used mice traversing a maze, setting a baseline then having one fructose supplemented group versus a fructose and Omega 3 supplemented group re-perform the maze.  The fructose/Omega 3 group performed remarkably better than the fructose only group, which could suggest many things.  It’s a good study to generate food for thought but I would have preferred to see a control group, for example a non fructose non Omega 3 group versus a Omega 3 group only.  Still the evidence against high fructose diets is growing by the day.


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