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Dessert at breakfast? New study shows it helps keep long term weight off

My own personal experience over the past 23 years with clients and patients is that having a high carbohydrate meal at breakfast, even using high glycemic index foods, consistently provides better benefits to a weight loss program.  There are many factors at play, not the least of which are an increased insulin sensitivity in the morning after fasting during your sleep, and decreased ghrelin during the day after a proper breakfast.  Ghrelin is a hormone which your body produces which gives you the feeling of hunger, causing you to eat more.

In this interesting study two groups of dieters were compared, both were on a low carbohydrate caloric deficit diet but one group ate a breakfast high in protein and high glycemic index carbohydrates such as cake, cookies, ice cream or chocolate.  This ties in with my own beliefs that it’s less about the type of calories and more about the amount of calories and that the increased insulin sensitivity after fasting provides a great time to indulge.  Of equal importance ghrelin was measured and found to be reduced in the group that had dessert for breakfast, correlating with  increased levels of fullness throughout the day.

Source: NYTimes

Photo: Claus Ableiter  CC-BY-SA-3.0


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